Last night I watched the X Factor. I usually enjoy seeing new talent. However, one man’s performance included several female dancers scantily dressed pawing all over the guy. I can’t even watch a prime time television without seeing women dressed like prostitutes and acting like prostitutes. This is what we get from hollywood, and it’s shaping the girls coming up in our nation. America is one of the few places in the world these girls could be born where the possibilities are endless. Yet they are taught the most important thing is to be an object of lust for men to fantasize about.

Throughout history women have been oppressed and considered second class citizens. They were deemed nothing more than sex objects. Early American women fought to gain equal rights and status. The women of old were classy, dignified, accomplished and professional. Now days all I see are young girls (and old as well) striving to be sex objects. They spend thousands of dollars and go under the knife just to have a figures that are sure to turn the heads of many men. Is there nothing better we can do with our bodies and the lives we’ve been given! Women please, let’s make our ancestors proud. Don’t throw away the possibility for greatness to be nothing more than part of a harem in a chauvinist pigs world. Quit degrading yourselves and basing your value on what men consider desirable.