Dealers sell drugs to misguided kids
A mother gives up rights to get high again
Everyday fathers walk away
From children who beg him to stay
A woman with child feeds her addiction
Sacrificing her unborn baby on the altar of affliction
Come Lord

One of two families are torn by divorce
The children distraught in the court
A dollar sign placed on their heads
They travel between houses to go to bed
Come Lord

Students are shot down at their school
But we can’t teach them the golden rule
Inappropriateness they will defend
Yet your holy name is an offense
Come Lord

Society has rejected your principles
Of ourselves we are completely full
We promote religious equality
But are hostile to those who would bring relief
Come Lord

Many churches are religious and unkind
They criticize others and are totally blind
They worship tradition and pile up burdens
Unity and love they have deserted
Come Lord

You gave us this land to be free
Long ago we left our knees
We trust the government to be our guide
With half truths they tell us lies
They rob us with taxes again and again
Our hard earned money they frivolously spend
Come Lord

Come back and bring pain to an end
Heal our hearts eliminate sin
You are the messiah the only one
Who completely saves and it is done
Come to us prince of peace
In holiness bring us to our knees