I am your defender. I cast down every accusation against you. I defend you mightily with my love and favor. I carry you close to my heart. You are mine. I will fight for you. I will NEVER leave you! You are righteous in my sight. My blood cleanses you. My water restores your soul. Do not fear men. I defend you against every accusation from the enemy. You are holy, pure, righteous, redeemed, restored. I bind up your wounds with my oil of anointing. I love you. Nothing, NOTHING can make me stop loving you. You hold your head up. You do NOT fear. My light will shine through you. My favor will surround you and go before you. My child, I am your father and you are right in my sight. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. Turn and walk with me. When you walk through the fire I will be with you. When you walk through the waters they will not over take you. I will comfort you and uphold you with my mighty hand.