I was reading about David the other day, and a particular part moved me to tears. Jonathan had just let David know that he needed to flee for his life because his father was bent on destroying him. The friends held on to each other and wept until David could control himself. This shows how devastated he was by the rejection of his king and the army he fought long side, risking his life in battle time and time again. The king he sang songs for and played his harp to restore his peace. So much of David’s life was invested in this man. Since boyhood David was in the presence of the king. He gave his life to serving in his army. He was married to his daughter.

The confirmation of Saul’s hatred toward David crushed him. He was forced to leave his wife, and flee for his life. The man after God’s own heart fled as an escaped criminal in the land he defended in war so many times. All because of God’s favor on David and his great success. Saul wanted his name to be made great through a legacy of his family. God wanted to make his name great by appointing David, a man of character with a heart of worship, to shepherd his people into closer relationship with himself. So David fled into the wilderness completely alone, devastated and rejected.

Injustice reigned as he had barely escaped with his life, and now the whole army was coming to hunt him like prized game. Where was God’s hand? David went to Nob and met with the priest to get food. David asked if there was a sword or spear. “The priest said, The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you slew in the Valley of Elah, see it is here wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod, if you will take that, do so, for there is no other here (1 Sam. 21:9).”

There was God’s hand. When all seemed lost and his whole life was derailed. God brought him back to a place of victory with a reminder of what great feats he accomplished when God was his only hope. I know David’s heart was warmed with peace and maybe even a little fire in his belly as God wrapped his loving arms of encouragement around David that day. Reminding David,” You are not alone. I know exactly where you are. You are not hunted prey on the run, but a mighty warrior of the King of Glory and your best days are still ahead of you.”