A young boy was being harassed by a larger boy
During the offense a beautiful snake came up and scared the bully away
The boy picked up the snake and kept it as a decoy
Everyone he showed his new pet would quickly leave and never stay

The boy felt empowered
Like he could now himself defend
As all others would cower
Because of his new found friend

His father discovered the pet
And demanded he release it
Or danger would soon be met
But the boy didn’t fear being bit

To the boy it was his only protection
He assumed his dad didn’t care about his harm
But the demand was really affection
So he kept the beautiful snake wrapped on his arm

He ran from his father to keep his defense
He loved the snake with deceiving eyes
And because of his pet he never had friends
One night the snake bit him and he died

He was never vulnerable because of his pride
But he forfeited life from his father’s breath
He chose the snake and so believed a lie
And in the end the boy fell to eternal death