Must I go to a third world country to see
The veil of commercialism lifted off of me?
The sound of the crickets chirping is so relaxing,
No frustrating nuisance of construction or traffic.
At the edge of the ocean shore
Worries are trivial. There is so much more.
The repeating of the crashing waves lulls me to sleep.
There is nowhere else I would rather be.
The roar is so loud and yet it is soothing.
The salt bitten breeze keeps on moving.
The fragrance of nature fills the air.
I get goose bumps as it blows my hair.
The echoing cry of the seagull is sung
I take in a breath that actually fills my lungs.
There is endless beauty in the starlit sky.
There is no city to dim their light.
But eventually I must come home back hither
Where the smog of convenience causes nature to wither.
Rushing, rushing from one place to another.
All these obligations make me feel smothered.
The craziness of life may be an addiction,
But the stress of the rush causes physical afflictions.
The tension in my neck has a death grip.
The tyranny of the clock keeps cracking its whip.
We sacrifice waving blades of grass dotted with wildflowers
For blacktop pavement and office towers.
We slaughter wilderness for predictable and repetitive symmetric rows.
The nature we allow to grow is perfectly manicured and easy to control.
The woods are ploughed till there’s nothing left
To build stores that quickly go out of business.
We cut down trees and pave roads
And line them all with billboards.
Messages always trying to sell us something
They breed discontent to produce a longing.
We have to strain around all the distractions to see
A tiny remnant of the creator’s untamed artistry.
Technology is supposed to enhance our lives
But it puts on a highway where life flies by.
We feel sorry for people who don’t have electric
But in the currency of life they may be rich.
Money in the bank is perfectly fine
But it’s all useless if we don’t have time.
In this modern culture is truly bankrupt.
Constantly chasing an increase in pay
Spending it before we even get the raise
Tied down to jobs we don’t even like
Waiting until retirement to enjoy life.
Many won’t even make it that far
Because a stressful life wears out the heart.
To really live we must escape the rush.
I want to discern life from distractions
Meaningless things that don’t have traction.
A cookie cutter lifestyle is not for me
I must embrace a life of originality.
I don’t want to see the signs and I won’t believe the lies
If they knew what wanted they wouldn’t block my view of life.