Getting anywhere without being late
Teaching a two year old to behave
Mood swings that constantly make me repent
About the crazy emotions I had to vent
Chocolate cravings I can never fulfill
Without receiving a side dish of guilt
My husband bringing the neighbors in
When my house looks like a pig pen
Monthly breakouts and being bloated
That sensitive time when insecurities are loaded
Getting a tan without being in the sun
Wearing stilettos and having any fun
Remembering why I came in this room
Finding the keys I repeatedly loose
Splitting ends and dark roots
Swimsuits, swimsuits, swimsuits
Dealing with tantrums when its time to leave
Trying to be stylish and maintain modesty
Finding jeans that make my butt look good
And are not so low they let my gut protrude
Finding a girdle to make me thin
And isn’t too small to breath in
Starting my cycle in white pants
Saying “No” without feeling bad
Mother in laws and their expectations
Setting boundaries without being blatant
Controlling my bladder when I laugh or sneeze
After it’s been through a few pregnancies
Fear of weight gain from which I can never be free
Not letting appearance become my identity
Learning how to show respect
And give my man what he needs best
Trusting others and letting go
Submitting when I want control
Premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression
Releasing the past while remembering its lessons