This ship I’m on is sinking fast
The lifeboats aren’t taking another guest
I wasn’t even close to making the cut
Who I am will never be enough
The cold black water is creeping up
I have often pondered how I would die
I wasted so much of my life
I worked so much I barely saw my wife
I wanted to give her the best of everything
In the end all she wanted was me
I had nothing to give so I didn’t even try
Eventually she would no longer cry
We stepped the dance we did the charade
And buried our hearts in the deepest grave
An isolated life we lived together
Huge walls were built the storms to weather
Business helped to kill the pain
Striving always to make a name
Now I will be cut down in my prime
My life meaningless to another time
How did I miss what is most significant?
My regrets are shattered as the sea swallows another man
The coward inside crawls out of his empty shell
As I face the end I recognize him well
My pompous life convinced everyone else
But it was never enough to fool myself
The icy waters shackle my ankles
The gravity of death begins to pull
Fear covers me and I close my eyes
My desperate heart lets out a cry
If there is a God have mercy on me
and through your redemption my soul receive
I see hopeless souls plummet to the abyss
From under my arms a surreal embrace lifts
Darkness so thick it terrifies
With a scream I awake and open my eyes
Grasping the sheets all around
My wife startled awake by the sound
She rolls over and shakes her head
I rush to the bathroom from the bed
In the mirror my hair is drenched wet
After that dream I am not surprised with sweat
I run back to bed to kiss my wife
A whole new perspective on my life
Over and over I apologize
Recluctantly a tear forms in her eyes
I tear through the house a Bible to find
I need it near for peace of mind
A make a list of my new priorities
Get to know God and love my family
Cause if morning comes and I lose this epiphany
I’ll face death for real with regrets many
As I walk back to my bed
My foot jerks up from a cold step
I look back stunned to see
My pant legs wet up to the knees
Withered shoes in the corner lay
and socks soaked black that once were gray
My face turns pale and my stomach drops
Such a shocking blow my heart nearly stops
I look from my shoes to my socks to my pants
And realize God gave me a second chance
I’ll keep those shoes always so I remember
That true life begins with a heart surrendered