A rebellion sparked in the name of freedom
Ignited a revolution that transformed our home
A movement that depreciated love
Till it had no value to speak of
Now love is cheap it’s even free
That change is eating away at society
This new deal cost us everything
On its heals an epidemic of divorce it brings
Dads out dating living life on the sly
Moms in bed with another guy
Latchkey kids with absent father syndrome
Trying everything to make the pain numb
Taking drugs prescription and illegal
Hooking up this pain to heal
Advancing the dysfunction like a plague
A tide of brokeness like a crashing wave
Our styles have changed a hundred times
Those activists will all soon be dying
But the revolution keeps gaining ground
It’s taking captives all around
With chains of divorce and std’s
It destroys the chance for true intimacy
Distorting love by the time a child hits puberty
Telling them this is the way to live free
A generation of slaves was cloned
Subject to impulses, desires, and hormones
Pseudointimacy and casual sex
Tie dyed nation – what comes next?