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When relating to others there are two different ways I can operate.
Either through fear or love I will choose to behave.
The first is the root of all insecurity.
The other builds confidence and sets me free.
Fear chokes the life out of a relationship.
Love forms a bond that is like a bridge
a pathway of communication from my heart to yours.
Fear constructs a stone wall that has no doors.
It keeps old emotions trapped inside.
Love opens up with nothing to hide.
Fear always tries to manipulate.
When I don’t get my way it fosters hate.
Love risks rejection time after time.
It repeatedly crucifies the stronghold of pride.
Fear is defensive and ready to fight.
Love runs an offense to bring people the light.
Fear controls others and keeps them encaged.
Love gives freedom encouraging them to be brave.
Fear wears a mask. It is never real.
It plays a game for your heart to steal.
To fill me up and make me whole
it is quick to wound another soul.
Love is generous. It patiently waits.
Fear is selfish. It constantly takes.
Love is a gift from the Father of light.
It keeps on giving if we keep it alive.
Fear is a curse from the father of lies.
Once I am bitten the venom begins to paralyze.