Love is not a feeling that burns at first sight.
It is infatuation that sends your stomach to flight.
Love needs time for it to grow
a spiritual bond for it to flow.
Infatuation consumes you from the start.
It won’t last too long if your apart.
Love is a walk each step is serving.
It gives what the other needs when he is undeserving.
Infatuation is an adventure for the heart.
Love is deeper. It has three parts.
First there is passion. This waxes and wanes.
Then there is commitment. It stays the same.
Third there is intimacy which is ever increasing.
Love is not just feelings which are always fleeting.
It is built on a strong foundation.
Infatuation rushes into relations.
Love is not a feeling you just fall in.
When focused on Christ it will win
against statistics and temptation;
the rising divorce rate that plagues this nation.
Once love is decided it never ends.
It is received from the Father and grows within.
Through the fire of trials it is refined.
Genuine love stands the test of time.