What I focus on will eventually draw me inward.
            If I listen to the accuser, I act more like a sinner.
But when I see your face
            I find my failures eclipsed by grace.
Finally I begin to see
            your light shinning inside of me.
Your love warms my heart
            and the transformation starts.
I am touched by your mercy.
            Your spirit makes me thirsty.
I crave our time together.
            I want to be with you forever.
I have your joy inside.
            I no longer try to hide.
But when my focus is on me
            it’s all my sins that I see.
Gradually I begin to wonder
            if you’ll love me any longer.
I try so hard to change
            but I fail just the same.
Can I really ask again
            forgiveness for the same old sin?
I think you’re growing weary
            no more do I feel you near me.
I’m afraid and I often cry
            because I never change and I don’t know why.
My faith is loosing ground.
            My mind is no longer sound.
Time and again you find me
          And gently you remind me
“Keep the cross in your view
            Then you will remember my love for you.”
Now I can breathe again
            and allow your love to enter in.