I am not happy about the duty calling by the dried snot on my sons forehead. I have to miss American Idol, and I don’t feel like doing anything especially wrestling him to wash his hair. While he’s enjoying throwing toys in the water then putting them back in the net and repeating the cycle over and over I decide to take a godly perspective on things.

Thank you God that my son can take a bath in clean warm water inside my house. Thank you that we live in a country where he can be vaccinated from diseases which could take his life. Thank you that he can see his toys, and hear the water. Thank you that he is mentally and physically healthy. Thank you that he has a bed to sleep in and his own room. Thank you that his belly sticks out so far over his legs he can’t see his toes, because he has never had to be hungry. Thank you that I am healthy enough to enjoy this time of my life. Thank you that I get to stay home and enjoy him. Thank you that he has a dad who loves him and is here. Thank you that we can spend the evening together as a family. Thank you that I am with him to hear him cry while he fights to keep his hair dirty as possible. Thank you that I am so blessed.