Jesus has one body, one church, one name.
            We use religion to judge each other but we’re all the same.
We divide his church with clear lines
            Congregating to those with like minds.
We herd from one building to the other the same core believers
            While the lost are perishing and they can’t even hear us.
We compete with each other while our nation spirals downward.
            Gay activists and abortionists keep getting louder and louder.
We are divided over baptism, the Holy Spirit and faith;
            Polarized by pride though we were all saved by grace.
Together we can change our world for his glory,
            Dispersed we remain an irrelevant minority.
We debate apologetics, and sinners keep dying.
            We are commissioned to save them, and we aren’t even trying.
We send missionaries to other countries and that is great.
            What we do in our own backyard should be the same.
Yet too often we remain confined in our homes,
            Content if the world just leaves us alone.
But he has called us to reach those people,
            Our light doesn’t shine far always under a steeple.
The church is a body built for life and action.
            It’s not a building with a cross and a baptismal.
That is just the place we go to reset our minds,
            To encourage each other and continue our climb.
Real faith is revealed when it acts
            By walking in love. We must do that!
Grace isn’t faith until we actually live it.
            Love isn’t real till we unconditionally give it.
If we can’t love our brother or sister
            Simply because they follow another minister
How can we do it for those who are hurting
            Those whose lifestyles, we judge, make them less deserving?
Wake up church! We are all God’s kids.
            No matter how we practice our mission should be his.
He came to seek and save the lost
            That is why he died on the cross.
It is time for us to do his ministry.
            So unite with your brothers and let’s go fishing!