No body wants to be a hero.
    It happens when life deals a shocking blow.
When affliction stalks determination,
    And the hunted responds with courage not agitation.
When tragedy pounces on perserverance,
    And the victim fights to the bitter end.
It tries to take the life of it’s prey,
    Instead the inflicted limps away
Wounded but alive while the hunter lays slain.
    A hero is born through the battle of pain.
She’s the woman who begins her healing,
    When she finds her voice in a sea of pink.
He’s the soldier confined to life in a chair,
   After his soul is scared by a shocking glare
At the brutality of life across the sea
    Where there’s no grace and the innocent flea.
She’s the woman fighting so hard against injustice
    After laying her precious one down to rest.
He’s the firefighter whose family is still grieving
    From his sacrificial and untimely leaving.
Instead of growing bitter saying “It isn’t fair”,
    She rises to the challenge focusing on others who care.
He leads us by example of what we should be
    Courageous he shows us “It’s not about me”.
A hero is the side of me you won’t see,
    Until I travel down the road of adversity.
But I would gladly exchange the title,
   To gain back the life I lost.