Lord, I want a detailed plan to run with. I want everything on my list done with

A future secure, not a never ending blur.

I want some answers to place my hope in. I just want to see around the bend.

But time keeps passing and I still don’t know. I keep on trying to just let go.

I have to remind myself to breathe. When are you going to bring relief?

My stomach is in a constant knot. Do you remember me, or have you forgot?

I never thought it would be this hard. I’m just not ready to go this far.

Child, I love you. I need you to believe me. No matter what happens, I’m never leaving.

This path we are on is concealed by fog. Be still my child. It won’t be long.

I know you want to rush to the clearing, but it’s my voice I want you hearing.

I know the way. I made the map. I’m changing you with each new step.

Trust in me when things don’t make sense. Walk slowly and enjoy my presence.

Try to stop begging and start believing. I need you to surrender, but you’re still cleaving.

You’re trying so hard to be in control. I want to bless you, but you must let go.

You don’t need to have answers all of the time. Stay by my side and continue the climb.

The trail is unsure. It is ever winding, but it’s more about me I want you finding.

The way is blocked. You can’t see through. As you look to me, you will find you.

The path you’re on, may I remind you, is a path I’ve laid where your dreams can find you.

Just keep trying to stay in my grace, and I will lead you to a special place.