My one year old son fell asleep in the car today. As I carried him in his room, I decided to sit and enjoy holding him while he slept a little bit. I just enjoyed cuddling him, kissing his soft hair, and hugging his precious little body close to my chest. I love that he trusts me enough to sleep against me, and he feels safe in my arms. He’s so busy now playing and getting into stuff he wiggles and cries to get down as soon as I pick him up. The only time I really can hold him is when he’s asleep.

As I was holding him I felt like God longs to do the same to his kids. He delights when we rest in his arms peaceful and surrendered. He enjoys wrapping us in his affection. He wants us to be content not longing for other things. God loves it when we depend on him for our security. He is pleased when trust him enough to rest in his arms from the cares of this world.

Often we are too busy reaching for other things to sit and enjoy the bond. We are too distracted to close our eyes and bask in his love. There are other things we want more than his embrace. Yet it is in his arms we are restored. In his arms we find rest for our souls. In his arms all our longings fade away in the warmth of his presence… if we will just sit still.

He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart – Isaiah 40:11