A fragile bird pecked her way out of the cozy solitude of the egg and was put in a small glass box. There was no room for her to spread her wings. She fluttered against each wall and the ceiling. Eventually she learned to live within the confined space.

The tiny box snuffed out the little birds flame of originality. She became a reflection of the lifeless picture. The bird got by on shallow breaths. Keeping everything buried beneath the numbness. After many years the bird outgrew the box, and she was released.

The first breeze awakened her heart, but the refreshing new dawn quickly gave way to the restraints of the past. Her trained mind kept her eyes fixed on the ground and her wings tightly fastened to her sides hiding her body. The bird went on with minimal movements. She barely breathed to hold everything in. She went through life shuffling on the ground. Her legs wearing down from the constant weight of the burdens she carried. She watched time pass her by.

Eventually her burdens were so heavy she could barely endure one more step. She was grumbling one day when a voice invited her from above, “Why do you walk the ground when you were designed to soar above it?” She quickly scurried away, but a chord of truth was struck in her soul. All night she pondered the question till it began to take root.

At day break she returned to the same spot. “Why are you walking when you were meant for flying?” The voice quickened her heart. “This message was really for me,” she thought and she replied, “I don’t know what I was made to do. Please tell me.”

“Look up and you will see. Those bound to land can not teach you to do anything but walk. I can teach you to soar,” it answered. The little bird’s eyes lifted to a glorious sight. Gold rays of sunlight warmed her soul, and a radiant dove kissed her with his smile. He spread his wings and ascended high.

The blue sky called to her as a summer breeze began to blow. She spread her wings, and a breath of freedom filled her lungs. A feeling of weightlessness encompassed her as she ascended. Effortlessly she flapped her wings exposing her heart. She followed the voice of hope over turquoise oceans tasting the salt of the crashing waves in the winds renewing her soul. A vibrant blur of of colors raced on the grounds below: emerald grass, purple mountains, brown trees, dots of wild flowers, interupted by shiny reflections of blue lakes.

She pursued the dove over the splendor of creation. Her was soul captivated by the magnificent sight of the radiant dove who taught her grounded spirit to soar.