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A little girl sits on a log in the middle of a forest. Her hair is long and fixed nicely. She wears a pretty dress blotted with mud that stops just above her scraped knees.

She is lost in a place where she doesn’t belong. Trees of disapproval tower over her so dense she can’t see the sun.

Fear envelops her. It’s thick and she can hardly breathe. Glowing eyes of failure wait to consume their prey. Loneliness creeps on the ground.

Darkness is falling; the crushing weight of time passing while nothing changes.

She can’t find the path that led her here, but she doesn’t want to go back where she came from.

She hangs her head and tries to accept the way it is.

Then a ray of sunshine pierces the hopelessness and breathes on her. There is someone in the distance. She tries to suppress anticipation, for it has always been met with pain.

A man is coming toward her. It’s as if she is his destination. She looks at the ground trying to stay invisible, but he keeps coming.

He lifts her head with his pierced hand; rejection a cup he has also drank from. His arms of compassion raise her up.

Acceptance, a light she’s never seen, makes a path where there once was none. Love leads the way to a home she never knew existed.

Peace is now the air she breathes, freedom the field she twirls her skirt in, and a rainbow of hope peaks in her sky.