There’s a cemetery that is gaining ground, creeping across the land.
Mass graves containing dead families
potential happiness thrown away
intimacy decayed
the secure foundation of a child’s life crumbled to dust.
There’s a genocide against commitment and love
driven by a wave of selfishness.
It leaves devastated children in it’s wake.
The course of their hope filled lives derailed into a land of pain.
Very few of them will make it back to healthy ground.
And what’s to say of the adults who partake?
Their greatest chance for love is now,
but they embrace the lies and advance injustice.
In a quest for happiness
they sacrifice all things sacred.
They betray the one they vowed to honor
and drink the wine of heartache and dysfunction.
Little do they know how it poisons their soul
and seals their fate.
Another life slain by deceit.
Another grave filled with a child’s dreams.
Another big win for the enemy.
Another family torn to pieces.