America is the best country by a landslide. It was purposed by its founders to take the gospel and freedom (which go hand and hand) around the world. All who live in this land are blessed. Even homeless people have meals available to them. There are countries where children die of starvation. America is not one of them.

I wouldn’t trade this as my home for anything. But in this land of blessing distractions run rampant. We spend tons of money on entertainment alone. Entertainers are some of the richest people in our country. We have televisions and radios and video games to keep us busy. We have the internet and cell phones so we can be at work while at home. We can have several conversations at once through text messages. We all have transportation available to us whether public or private.

We never have to encounter silence. We can talk to countless people a day through e-mails, text messages, and phone conversations. Yet more people suffer from loneliness than ever before. All of this technology has diminished relationships to a superficial level, and drowned us in busyness. We don’t have time to connect with others. We live our lives by calendars we can’t keep up with ever missing what is valuable.

Sometimes it seems like we are never where we really are. Our minds go over to do lists like a ticker at the bottom of our brain. The ticker keeps us tense. It prevents us from breathing deep. It holds us prisoner of the past or the future.

Busyness is an addiction that we don’t have to admit. It allows us to run- to run from God, to run from others, and run from ourselves. It keeps us from feeling anything but stress.

We need the quiet to discover ourselves. We need our minds to be still to hear God’s voice. We need focus to connect with others, and be in tune to their needs. We need to live in the moment. We need to love in the moment.