Jesus washing the disciples feet is usually only portrayed as an example of servitude. But I think it had an even greater meaning on the eve of his crucifixion.

Feet were the dirtiest part of a person in an era where the roads were dirt and sandals the shoes everyone wore if any. I am sure feet were something people kept hidden especially during dinner time.  We can only imagine how humiliating it was for those men to let their Messiah hold and cleanse what they would never want anyone to see let alone touch. How shocking it was when he looked at the filth and grime and responded with acceptance and love rather than disdain.

Jesus washing the disciples feet was a visual of the purpose for which he came. His blood cleanses the dirtiest part of us. His blood covers our sins and we receive his righteousness. It is a complete cleansing. That is the power of the gift he gave- our sin for his holiness. His life in exchange for ours.

We  as well must humble ourselves and present our source of shame to our Messiah. This shame is the sins that lie buried in our souls, covered by every attempt at dignity and forgetfulness. These are the ones we grandfather in with the prayer of salvation, but never allow our minds to go there. We must surrender them to Jesus and allow him to bring his healing touch into that area of our soul. He desires our freedom. He paid dearly for it.

Jesus blood cleanses us so when we go and dine with our Father we will be found in Him complete not lacking anything. Jesus blood never fails us.