God uses our families to teach us to draw our self-worth from him, and remain confident under fire. Our confidence needs to be fixed in him, and not shaken by the disapproval and criticism of our families, bosses, and friends. It’s all about Jesus, his opinion is the only one that matters.

God told me to lead a group on overcoming family dysfunctions four years ago. No one thought this was a good idea. My husband said I was too shy, so why would I even want to lead a group. My mom was totally offended that I would even consider leading a group of this nature. She said, “How are going to lead that group when you don’t know anything about growing up in a dysfunctional home?”

No one approved of me doing it. I didn’t even want to do it, because I was afraid. But God told me to do it, and I did it. I became a successful group leader, because of my total dependence on God. I prayed, “God if you don’t carry me through this and direct my steps this will be a mess.” God answered my prayer, and he used the experience to mold me into a leader. We need to depend on God’s guidance and strength to be a good leader.

A couple years ago I was talking to God about why we struggle so much in our relationship with him. He told me that we were created to depend on him, but we constantly strive for independence. It is the typical parent child relationship. The child always wants to do things on their own, and have it their own way. It is natural and healthy for the child to grow in independence over the years and learn to make their own decisions wisely in our earthly relationships. However, spiritually we mature as we increase our dependence on God’s wisdom, guidance and strength.

In Genesis chapters 37-41 we see Joseph soar to the second highest level of leadership in a foreign land. I don’t think he would have become a leader in his homeland. He was a spoiled tattle tailing brat at home, but as a slave he transformed into a wise leader that saved Egypt from terrible famine and provided for other nations as well. I believe this transformation occured because Joseph was completely dependent on God. Joseph didn’t have anyone but God. He was all alone in a foreign land. His only confidant was the Almighty, and he showed up big.

Most likely we will not be physically removed from every person we know. But we can choose to set God’s opinion so far above everyone else’s that no one can touch his will for our lives. Satan will try to dissuade you from following God’s plan, and he will use the mouths of those who influence your life. Is God exalted in our priorities? When he speaks to our heart do we seek confirmation from people? Have we limited our possibilities to our own skills and knowledge? Or will we step out and fall into his grace? The number one requirement to do all we were created to accomplish is total dependence on God.