My uncle recently posted and article on his blog discussing spirituality. He evaluated whether emotions or intellect are more involved in becoming more spiritual. Reading this article made me ask myself, “What does it mean to be spiritual?”

Spirituality is equal to obedience. To be spiritual means to obey what God is telling us to do regardless of our emotions or reasoning. We want to measure everything by human standards. We want to evaluate our growth. But following God is outside of human measurements. God is able to do more than what we see in the natural.

Therefore, reasoning can deter us from obeying God. Reasoning may tell us if we do X we get Y. The enemy will give us a hundred reasons why it is not logical to obey God. It is good to question whether or not something is from God. Obviously it must be in line with what scripture tells us is right. It is not good to have to have all the answers.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). God’s ways don’t make sense to us. Faith is required to fulfill our divine purpose. Faith means trusting God. The very fact that we have to trust informs us that we will not have all the answers. Trust is only required when there is unanswered questions.

Emotions can be an even bigger deterrent to obedience than reasoning. When God tells us to do something, the first thing the devil comes against us with is fear. If we are going to fulfill our purpose in life, we will have to do it afraid. At least until we learn to trust God with a childlike faith. So obeying God will most often be in spite of our emotions rather than in line with our emotions.