My son’s swimming lessons have moved from the 4 foot pool to the 12 foot pool. He couldn’t touch the bottom in the 4 feet of water, but for some reason he is afraid of the 12 foot water. I said to him, “You’re already in over your head in the other pool. What difference does it make how deep the water is?”

Then I thought about this question from a spiritual perspective. We begin serving God in the shallow end. We start our mission completely dependent on God, knowing we are in over our heads. We swim upheld by his faithfulness. Then we become familiar with our task, and our confidence grows. We no longer feel the need to cling to God. When God takes us to deeper waters, we panic. We have forgotten that our current work is dependent on God. Now we think we have to do it on our own. The truth is we are already in over our heads. It doesn’t matter how deep the water is.

God’s plan for our lives is too big to accomplish on our own. It is through dependence on Him and the power of his Holy Spirit, that we fulfill our destiny. We need God’s anointing to accomplish anything for his kingdom. It doesn’t matter whether the task is small or large.