The Bible tells us faith is what pleases God. It results in miracles. It brings God’s will to pass on earth as it is in heaven. What exactly is faith, and how do we get it?

Hebrews tells us faith is confident assurance what we hope for will happen1, and faith not only believes God exists but he rewards those who seek him2. If we believe God rewards those who seek him, why are we trying to convince him to do something through our actions. 

Some try to have faith to get something they want from God. Faith is knowing what God wants for us is better than anything we can ask or imagine. Faith rests in God’s goodness. It does not strive to convince him to do good to us. Faith is not something you do to prove to God you believe. Faith is just actually believing God. Faith is simple trust, a quiet confidence, a secure foundation.

Faith is a matter of perspective. A perspective that is positive, because God doesn’t loose and he doesn’t fail. A perspective that simply trusts God is good and he will do good to us; that all things will work together for our good whether in this life or eternal life3. With this perspective in life we are motivated to act, but not out fear. We will act out of confidence.


1 Hebrews 11:1
2 Hebrews 11:6
3 Romans 8:28