People who haven’t given their lives to God ask, “Why would salvation make my life better?” It is hard to explain the unexplainable. Why does an instrument only sound good when it is in tune? There is an unwritten standard ingrained in us that distinguishes beauty from awkwardness. Music is beautiful when it is in tune and in rhythm. It is just the way music was made to be.

It is difficult to explain why life is better when we give it to God, and no longer live for ourselves. We are just in tune with the divine purpose we were created for. When we love each other, we all become in tune and moving to the same rhythm. The melody gets stronger and more powerful. It entices people who aren’t already playing.

There is a song within us, and hearing it played by others gets our attention. Something is awakened deep in our soul. We have to slow down long enough to hear the conductor calling us. He is waving his wand enticing us to join in the melody. He is trying to get our attention, because our part of the song is coming up.

We have to play with all our heart and the climax of our gifts anointed with his power will impact our world for eternity. We can’t be content until we hear and join in the song. It is an anthem of praise to our God, the One who was and is and always will be.